SEO - Search Engine Opitmization


Los Angeles SEO expert Daniel Kramer is here to do Search Engine Optimization for your web site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that involves understanding how search engines operate. To maintain relevance in our search driven society, your business must be present on the top result pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can help improve your search rankings by using proven techniques that will boost your online traffic, incrase your brand exposure and keep your company highly competitve with the major players in your industry.


Benefits of SEO


• Achieve top rankings in key terms related to your industry

• Attract targeted traffic to your web site

• Boost online sales and customer acquisitions

• Increase brand visibility

• Position your brand as an authority in your industry
• Great ROI


Strategic layout, focused design and ongoing revision all work together to make a successful and easy to find web site. Building your web site to withstand the test of time, and especially to handle the extreme challenges of maintaining your search engine rankings. Search engine optimization strategies involve: creating a clean site design, rich content development, effective use of keywords, constant submissions to the top search engines, effective link acquisitions and ongoing analysis and adjustments.


Daniel Kramer know all the tricks involved. Daniel also closely follows all the latest developments in SEO to always say on top of his game.


In addition to managing the ever changing world of search engine optimization, we take advantage of our advanced content development and site design skills to create a website that is effective on ALL search engines. We believe that web sites driven by unique content will eventually help your site generate as much traffic through links to your site, as do the search engines. SEO is really about the entire package, and not just the latest gimmick.


Daniel provides his clients with ongoing service instead of a one-time quick fix guarantee. While some clients may choose to have us just "make it work", we find that working with you to develop content and teaching you the workings of what it is we do makes you a better informed consumer, and that much wiser in the vast world of search engine optimization.


Effective use of search engines as an online marketing medium offers the greatest potential Return On Investment (ROI); outperforming all other online marketing and offline communication channels every time!


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