Graphic Design / Branding / Marketing


Does that old blocky typeface you call your logo need an upgrade? Do you need a new image to compete in this day and age? Does your company need to redesign its logo, or to develop a complete corporate identity? Do you need a stationary system, brochures, and business cards? Daniel Kramer can provide a complete corporate identity branding package so your company can compete in any market. Don't wait one more day to reel in your full client base potential. Daniel can create that sparkling new image that your business demands.


Los Angeles Graphic designer Daniel Kramer is available for all of your branding and graphic design needs from concept to completion. Combining the latest computer technology with state of the art graphic design to give our clients the visual edge they need. Daniel creates high quality graphic design for a wide variety of businesses. Some of our professional graphic design services include digital production, corporate identities, logos, advertising, promotional items, newsletters, business cards, post cards, fliers, invitations, menus, brochures, photo retouching, scanning, image manipulation and special effects.


Why is Brand and Identity Important?

Your brand is actually the perception of your organization and involves all that you do and value. It’s the core concept of who you are as a company and connects you to your target prospects. It’s responsible to creating loyalty and lends credibility to your message.


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